uPortal 4.0 is the previous stable, production-targeted, general audience release branch. If you're a new adopter or a current adopter upgrading, you should look to upgrade to the 4.1 release series at this point.



uPortal 4.0 supports version 2.0 of the Portlet specification (JSR-286), removes IChannel support, includes a new customization UI and updated UIs for groups, permissions and user management. New 'under the hood' features such as a refactored rendering pipeline also improve speed and memory usage of the portal.


Release Notes

Below is a summary of all the high-level improvements and new features in uPortal 4.0

Portlet 2.0 Support

Administrative Tools

UI Improvements


Mobile Support


New portlets bundled with uPortal

Data Import/Export

Rendering Pipeline

Portlet Execution Management

Hangups – Changes in 4.0 that might trip you up