Sakai CLE Evaluation System: The Journey from Idea to Enterprise-Wide Adoption


Brian Broniak (Virginia Tech)
Will Humphries (Tufts)

Date and time (EDT)

June 14, 2012, 9:00 AM


Conference Center Room 1


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Going from a general statement of need by a Virginia Tech task force on our end of semester Student Perception of Teaching (SPOT) survey process to full implementation of a university-wide online system is no small endeavor. This presentation will cover the key aspects our project to do this very thing, including a description of what we've implemented (based upon Sakai EvalSys), how we did this, and the rationale behind several decisions made along the way. Furthermore, we will look at online course evaluations, and the Sakai tool, from the perspectives of multiple universities at different stages on the adoption timeline. Virginia Tech is at the end of their pilot, while Tufts University is preparing for its first semester of online course evaluations in Sakai. There will be a focus on the lessons learned, and how community members can benefit from other schools learning experiences.


Archived Recording: http://engage.opencastproject.org/engage/ui/watch.html?id=d78d9b86-b871-412b-b7bb-c4a28e6dcf77 

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