Tool: Main

Tab: Placement

The Main Tool displays academic information about the student normally stored in the student information system (SIS).
The Placement tab from the Main Tool displays student placement test information obtained from the SIS.







ParameterExternal TableLocationField NameDescriptionExample
test_nameexternal_student_testMain-PlacementTypeName of testAmerican College Testing COMP
scoreexternal_student_testMain-PlacementScoreThe score the student earned on the test18; 3000
statusexternal_student_testMain-PlacementStatusThis field indicates the status of the test submittedAccepted
test_dateexternal_student_testMain-PlacementTest DateDate student completed the test, Format YYYY-MM-DD.2012-01-01
outcomeexternal_student_testMain-PlacementOutcomeA description of any outcome or recommendation based on the test score. These are generally placement into courses.Take MATH 098 and ENGL 099