Released: 25 April 2016


Version 4.3.0 is the newest minor release of uPortal, and it is the product of a significant amount of brand new work.  A total of 122 JIRA issues resolved or closed for this release, including 96 that are not a part of the 4.2.2 (or any other) release.  If I had to sum up this release in one word, it would be this one:  "Polish."  uPortal 4.3.0 brings a large number of performance enhancements, improvements to user experience, and bug fixes.  uPortal 4.3 also includes support for Java 8 & Tomcat 8.


Upgrade Notes:


You can grab the binary releases, including a ready-to-start Quickstart release, from the GitHub release page.

This macro will automatically display publicly visible security bugs tagged as affecting this release in the issue tracker.


See also : Release announcement as posted on uportal-user@ email list.

See the GitHub release page for human-readable release notes.



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Issues addressed in uPortal 4.3.0

Bugs known to afflict uPortal 4.3.0

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